Hello! My name is Mariana Judiarti. I build fast, responsive, and easy to maintain websites for small to medium sized businesses.

For project enquiries, get in touch through:

Recent projects

  • Hey Sister

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  • Bent Blackstone & Associates

    The website was designed and built following a rebrand. The color palette was determined by the new brand guidelines. I designed the website to look sober and professional. I utilised a mixed column system (6 and 8) to make the layout more interesting and dynamic, avoiding the boxy and straight look. I also included icons to break up the text.

    Scope of work

    • UI/UX design – Figma
    • Responsive design
    • WordPress theming – HTML + CSS/SCSS
    • WordPress multisite
    • Custom forms – Advanced Forms + Advanced Custom Fields
    • Custom AJAX filter form – HTML + jQuery
    • Geotargeting script to display the nearest office address – JavaScript + IPstack
    • Job ID referencing system – PHP + WordPress hooks
    • Form to SMS notification integration – Integromat + ClickSend
    • Hosting migration, multiple domain management, 301 redirects

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    … such a pleasure to work with! Professional, efficient, and of course you do great work! … work is brilliant and the client is over the moon! Will be in touch with more design projects soon. Michael Wright (Mik and Joe Creative)
  • Victorian Woodworkers Association

    Scope of work

    • Websites audit
    • Content architecture
    • Wireframing
    • UX design
    • Responsive design
    • WordPress theming – HTML + CSS/SCSS + PHP
    • Custom forms – Advanced Custom Fields + Advanced Forms
    • Custom blocks – Advanced Custom Fields

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  • Paddles Swim School

    The website design is rich in illustration and decorative elements. The main challenge was to make them responsive and resize elegantly on all screen sizes. It involved calculations of the elements width, height, and their proportions.

    Scope of work

    • WordPress theming – HTML + CSS/SCSS +PHP
    • Floating and wave animations – CSS
    • Random bubble generator script – JavaScript

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  • Nagomi Japan

    Scope of work

    • UX design
    • Responsive design
    • WordPress theming – HTML + CSS/SCSS
    • Custom forms – WP Form
    • Product cataloging – WP custom post types

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Other notable projects
Mad Benji Development
The Board Internship Development
Interlandi Mantesso Architects Development
Bird de la Coeur Architects Development
Shyun Ramen Bar Development
MNE Architects Development

How I build websites

  • Discovery

    Determine website goals, whether it’s to increase sales and booking or just the establish a credible online presence. If you have an existing website, I will perform a quick website audit to identify areas of improvement.

  • Wireframes

    Content architecture: analyse content, create content structure and classification. Outline the website space allocation, content prioritisation, and functionalities. Create sitemap.

  • UI design

    Visual style of the website based on moodboards, visual references and your branding guidelines.

  • Implementation

    Start by breaking down the visual design into grids and components, then code the design tokens, grid system, components in HTML/CSS/JS.

    Continue on to the backend, setting up Shopify (for eCommerce and online shops), WordPress or headless stack.

    Convert static components to CMS theme. All themes are custom made, unique to you and your design.

    Build custom functionalities to fulfil business requirements.

  • Publishing

    Content publishing is usually included in the development process. Content, blog and product entries in large quantities might be scoped separately.

  • Post-launch

    I take care to make sure the website is easy to update via the CMS. I structure the content to be intuitive, logical and easy to find.


I leverage on these tools and platforms:

Layout & styleHTML, CSS/SCSS
Animation & behaviourJavaScript ES6+, jQuery
Content management systemWordPress for marketing/corporate/profiles websites
Shopify for ecommerce websites
Headless CMS
WordPress pluginAdvanced Custom Fields Pro, Advanced Forms,
Static site generator / frameworksEleventy
UI/UX DesignFigma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Coding workflowVisual Studio Code, Codekit, Github, Parcel, Laravel Mix